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How to unlock my FLOUREON DVR in 4 Simplest steps?

Why my DVR is locked? 

3 time of inputting error password would lock the DVR. For that case, please send the locked screenshot to us  and get help for password reset with 24H in work days.


The Must Read Help Guide

Check out the following help instruction for your DVR unlocking case. We are always here to help!

  1. If the locked screen has an 8 digit locked code, send it to us. We will send you a 6 digit password and It only be valid within one day.


2. If there is no locked code on the screen and just appearing “Account has been locked” or “Lack Authority”. Please provide the screenshot or related info,so we could generate a  super password to you.



3. If you get a 6 characters length locked code please send to us, we will send the supper password to you. You can also download and unzip the reset password software in your computer, and get a super password and reset DVR.


4. When you input super password DVR will restore the default setting. The default username is admin default password is no password(don’t input any password)


5. Both lock code and super password have a validity period, please contact Floureon INC from 8:30 am to 6 pm Beijing, our technical support team will get you back as soon as possible.

6. Any other problems please feel free to contact Floureon INC


Maxine He



  • Account saying account has been locked

  • I sent several emails without any reply about my problem! Anyone can help.

    • Mark
    • February 12, 2019

    Emailed 6 times, Facebook messged 5 times with photos, no replies…. Terrible customer service. I need password reset urgently to access footage for police use……

  • Need to reset my dvr /user act. My screen says "account has been locked (58497817) " can you send me a master password to reset and unlock my account

  • Have emailed a few times now no reply need a super password have sent attachment 27302983. Thank you

  • I had buy Floureon cctv .and my account has been looked because I tried to put a new password.
    Error code is 36024990
    I need your help please thanks

  • Passwort 99116230

  • i need to reset my DVR Code {08388178}

  • Will I every get a password reset been trying for 4 years !!!!!!! 😢😢😢😢

    • jack
    • February 04, 2019

    safe code 67185008
    plz reast code
    thank alot

    • Kevin
    • February 04, 2019

    I have a A7008NHS-US when I try to login with my browser it says the plug-in is not supported. Where is the client side software?

  • my dvr is locked how can i reset password?

  • Been waiting 6 Months
    " Invalid Password " No Error Code

  • My admin account has been locked my code is 46095110

  • How do I unlock my floureon the locked code is (27085119)

  • I can not login the dvr account. It says my password is null. Please

  • He my account has been locked. I do not know the admin password. How do I unlock this? Thanks

  • my dvr has key 97502978 need reset code please

  • Hello from Germany,
    I have a floureon DVR Modell A7008NHS-EU
    My DVR is locked and I need to reset the password.
    If the locked screen has an 8 digit locked code 22219806

    can you help me please

    Ali Fakih

  • Hellp me. I forgot the password. How to connect to the device
    Key 96091159
    Thank you

  • My account has been locked (18220002)
    I keep entering my password which I no is
    But the system is saying incorrect password
    So can you please help
    Regards Adie

  • I cannot get my cctv to playback it keeps enter password.. and then lack authority can anybody help please

    • Adam
    • January 17, 2019
    Let me know if this works guys but you have until tomorrow

    • Adam
    • January 17, 2019

    What ever today’s date is just type password in

    • Adam
    • January 17, 2019

    If the date is 2019-01-16, the super password is k2fiFu9264
    If the date is 2019-01-17, the super password is SedoyV125
    If the date is 2019-01-18, the super password is Y6BLm23416
    If the date is 2019-01-16, the super password is 368380
    If the date is 2019-01-17, the super password is 888742
    If the date is 2019-01-18, the super password is 965132

    Try these guys took ages to get this